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The Best Hidden Bars in Dubrovnik

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by Katie Scott Aiton May 21, 2024

Dubrovnik has become one of Europe’s most popular cities. This is in part due to the fame from Game of Thrones and cruise ship footfall but also because of the medieval city’s stunning architecture of elegant limestone buildings, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque facades, and its network of narrow winding streets. The maze of ancient lanes takes you past small ice cream shops, boutiques, cafes, and hidden bars. Some of these drinking holes are so discrete you might find them hard to locate again — especially after a few negronis.

On a recent trip to Croatia, Michael Motamedi enlisted the help of GuideGeek, Matador Network’s personal AI travel assistant, to help hime find some of the best bars in Dubrovnik. Here’s how Motamedi and GuideGeek got on.

This is not the first time Motamedi has used GuideGeek to help with trip planning. For six months, the chef-turned-travel influencer let the AI travel assistant plan his travels with his family.

Using WhatsApp (GuideGeek’s free service uses ChatGPT technology and can be queried via WhatsApp, Instagram, and other messaging platforms in over 40 languages), Motamedi’s first stop was Buza Bar.

I’ve been to Buza Bar, and it’s not your typical polished city establishment. Buza Bar, which translates to “hole” in Croatian, is tucked into the city’s outer walls. Finding this bar is half the adventure. You need to look for an inconspicuous opening, marked by a sign that reads “Cold Drinks,” high up on the city walls. Step through, and you’ll be transported onto the cliffside overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Aim to visit at the end of the day a sunsets here are extraordinary.

Next, GuideGeek suggested the wine bar D’Vino Wine Bar, another favorite of mine. I was introduced to it by my expat friend, who lives in Croatia. I was told not to let anyone else know about this place, but GuideGeek clearly didn’t get that memo.

D’Vino has an impressive selection of Croatian and international wines, available by glass, bottle, or tasting flight. The staff here are the real draw. Even if you are new to wine or, like me, love nothing more than talking someone’s ear off about varietals and viticulture, you’ll have a blast here.

The final stop on Motamedi’s tour was The BAR by Azur, the place for cocktail lovers. While Motamedi wrapped up his hidden bar tour here in the afternoon, it’s also a great late-night hang.

There’s often live music and the bar tenders are well seasoned — if you don’t know your aviation from your boulevardier, you’ll be in good hands.

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