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Black Bear Cub in Oregon Killed Because People Kept Feeding It, and It Had Become ‘Too Comfortable’ Around Humans

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by Eben Diskin Jun 18, 2019

On Thursday, a young black bear was killed by Oregon state officials because the bear had become too comfortable around humans. It wasn’t the bear’s fault, though. People frequently fed the animal so it would come close enough for a selfie, so unsurprisingly, the bear often came within close proximity of humans. Most recently, the bear was seen near tourists at Scoggins Valley Park in Washington County, prompting two people to call the sheriff’s office out of concern.

The bear is believed to have been fed often by humans visiting the area, particularly via boat. He has been seen eating trail mix, sunflower seeds, and cracked corn apparently left intentionally by park visitors, and it was observed that he hardly flinched when humans approached.

Kurt License, a wildlife biologist, said, “It was very clear that the animal was way too habituated. With that information, it was a human health and safety risk, and we had to remove it.”

On Wednesday, authorities had urged the public via Twitter to stay clear of the area. “Deputies are working to get this bear cub near Hagg Lake to go back into the woods,” they said. “Please stay away from the area near Boat Ramp A.” However, on Friday the WSCO Oregon Twitter account announced that the bear had been killed.

Unsurprisingly, people are outraged and taking to Twitter to express their disgust with the killing.

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