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You Can Glamp Above the Arctic Circle This Summer

Norway Luxe Travel Camping
by Eben Diskin Jun 19, 2018

If you don’t care for the drawbacks of camping, but enjoy being adventurous and waking up in nature, this glamping trip above the Arctic Circle is perfect for you. Off the Map Travel is organizing a two-night, three-day luxury camping experience in the Lofoten Archipelago in northern Norway that would knock even the most blasé traveler’s socks off.

You’ll stay in Sami teepees, with fine linens and authentic Scandinavian decor. The campsite as a whole consists of six teepees (two people each), a bathroom teepee, and a dining teepee, all located in one of the most amazing spots in the world.

The stay includes a wildlife cruise, a picturesque hike, and a kayaking excursion through the fjords. You’ll also visit a goat farm producing local artisanal foods where you’ll enjoy a three-course dinner in an amazing setting.

The three-day glamping excursion to the Lofoten Islands is available from June through August 2018. To learn more about this glamping experience, check out Off the Map Travel.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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