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You Can Roll Around in Pizza Dough at LA’s New Pizza Museum

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by Eben Diskin May 24, 2018

If you’re not a museum person, that’s probably about to change. No longer will a museum visit require you to master the “stand, nod, and look pensive” stance, as you pretend to admire exhibits that are (let’s be honest) way over your head. Los Angeles’ newest “museum” is centered around a subject everyone is passionate about — pizza. Opening in Los Angeles this October, The Pizza Experience is an interactive pop-up designed to celebrate personal moments with pizza.

Robin Boytos, CEO and founder of The Pizza Experience, plans to feature 12 to 15 pizza-themed rooms. This includes rooms where visitors can roll around in pizza dough (a private, personal fantasy of mine), squeeze pizza dough, and dive into an oversized cheese cushion pool. A pizza nightclub and interactive pizza-themed fitness center are also rumored to be in the works. We’d like to see a room where connoisseurs can settle the age-old pineapple on pizza debate, but that may get too heated even for a pizza museum.

Much like pizza itself, the museum is designed as a truly multi-sensory experience. Boytos wants his pop-up to invoke a powerful sense of nostalgia. “It’s not just pizza,” he says, “it’s about those memories. People can expect to come to a playground for adults with selfie stations and cat walks.” Let’s face it, if you have a childhood memory that doesn’t involve pizza, is it really a memory worth keeping? Each visitor can also expect to receive a free slice of pizza upon exit, as well as other snacks within.

Tickets for the LA Pizza Experience are $30 and go on sale June 29 at 9 am. The pop-up is also slated to come to Chicago in early 2019.

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