Photo: Sheldon Mountain House and Chalet

You Can Stay in This Remote Hexagonal Chalet on Top of the Highest Mountain in America

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by Tim Wenger Mar 20, 2018

It sounds like something out of a mountaineering film: a hexagonal lodge, wedged onto an outcropping of exposed rocks known as a Nunatak just five miles from the summit of North America’s highest mountain. Suffice it to say that the Sheldon Chalet doesn’t have valet parking. Or a parking lot, for that matter. Perched at 6,000 feet on Denali, this luxurious lodge is accessible only by plane.

Built atop the Ruth Glacier in 2017, the lodge is adjacent to the original Sheldon Mountain House which has housed climbers and adventure seekers since 1966. The Sheldon family has spent three generations building their Nunatak into this luxurious getaway that serves couples on a romantic retreat as well as it serves Denali summit-seekers.

Guests dine on regional cuisine prepared in-house, complemented by fine wines and the majestic 360-degree views of Denali available from throughout the ten-sided structure. In true alpine fashion, the main living quarters are centered around a large gas fireplace. Guest rooms and a communal restroom are located upstairs.

Want to visit? Bring your mountain adventure gear and your best game. Alaska is a hotbed for mountaineering, and the chalet offers access to everything from big mountain skiing to climbing to hiking. The Sheldon Lodge boasts an outside Observation Deck used for far more than just epic photoshoots. It also serves as the launching pad for helicopter adventures of the surrounding peaks. Personal guides are on hand to lead expeditions of Denali and the area surrounding the lodge, known as the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre. It’s definitely an epic way to experience Denali National Park.

The lodge appeals even to those for whom leisure is their high-alpine activity of choice. Chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are high but not guaranteed, and the views from the living quarters are perfect for relaxing over a good book. Get in touch with the Sheldon family to make reservations.

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