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Canada Authorizes Use of ‘Magic Mushrooms’ for Terminally Ill Patients

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by Eben Diskin Aug 5, 2020

Canada just approved the use of magic mushrooms, though not recreationally. The government just announced that terminally ill patients would be allowed to use psychedelic mushrooms to ease their end-of-life anxiety, as part of a “psilocybin therapy” program.

Studies have shown that the mushrooms can help ease anxiety and depression. In April, four terminally ill Canadians asked for government approval to obtain and use “magic mushrooms,” and that permission has now been granted.

Of the government’s approval, TheraPsil founder Dr. Bruce Tobin said, “Although it has taken a long time we are impressed with their willingness to listen to patients who have not been heard and to shift focus and policy to accommodate their interests and protect their needs. We also thank the brave Canadian patients who have been public in their fight for psilocybin access, along with the honorable Canadian MPs who have demonstrated courage, standing up for patient rights.”

Laurie Brooks, one of the terminally ill patients, expressed her gratitude in a statement. “I want to thank the Health Minister and Health Canada for approving my request for psilocybin use,” she said. “The acknowledgement of the pain and anxiety that I have been suffering with means a lot to me, and I am feeling quite emotional today as a result. I hope this is just the beginning and that soon all Canadians will be able to access psilocybin, for therapeutic use, to help with the pain they are experiencing, without having to petition the government for months to gain permission.”

The production, possession, or sale of magic mushrooms remains illegal unless specifically authorized for clinical trials, research purposes, and now for prescribed therapeutic use.

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