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Catch a Flight to Iceland This Summer for as Low as $340 Round Trip

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by Eben Diskin Jul 6, 2021

Many of us haven’t taken a real vacation in quite some time. Europe is slowly reopening to US travelers, but there’s one destination that’s both closer, cheaper to reach, and has already been open for a while: Iceland. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to book that first major trip since 2019, that time is now. On Google Flights and Scott’s Cheap Flights right now, you’ll find incredibly low prices for travel this summer and fall with airlines like Icelandair, Delta, and United.

In major cities across the US, you can find flights to Reykjavik, Iceland, for as little as $340 round trip. Although the prices aren’t attached to a particular sale, they seem to be lower than the seasonal average for travel between July and October. Some cities even have low prices extending through December, or into 2022.

Here are some of the cheapest cities for a round-trip flight to Iceland

  • New York: $340
  • Washington, DC: $404
  • Boston: $424
  • Chicago: $452
  • Minneapolis: $479
  • Seattle: $576
  • Los Angeles: $649
  • San Diego: $649
  • San Francisco: $649

To browse on your own, simply go to Google Flights and choose your preferred city, then tinker with the dates until you find the lowest price. Keep in mind that the prices listed above are subject to change.

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