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Airfares to These Cities Will Drop HARD in July

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by Matthew Meltzer Jun 26, 2019

It’s not just you. Summer is getting warmer.

It’s cracking triple digits in San Francisco. Miami is feeling especially sauna-like, setting record highs. Pretty much anywhere you go in this great land of ours is going to be toasty for the next few months, and for some people, that means getting as far away from America as possible. But for others, it means basking in all of the sun-drenched glory in some of the country’s best warm weather destinations.

Whether you live for the heat or are counting the days until winter, there’s a place for you to go in July. And some are going to have cheap fares almost as painful as a 2:00 PM sunburn. To help you find the best of ‘em, our friends at Skyscanner took a look at millions of historic flight prices to find the places where airfares will be dropping the most in July, and the findings are scintillating.

If summer to you means showering three times a day and an unquenchable thirst for AC, the good ol’ U-S-of-A has some of its hottest destinations on sale. Sweltering Savannah, with all of its dripping Spanish moss and hospitable humidity will have fares down 18 percent to $251. Or you can get that same sticky Southern charm in Charleston, with fares down 8 percent to $300. If dry heat is more your game, head to Austin where airfares will drop 13 percent to $257. Or discover Sacramento in all of its 100-degree glory, with fares down 5 percent to $323. Here’s the rest of the scorching domestic leaders:

  1. Charlotte, North Carolina — $262 (18%)
  2. Savannah, Georgia — $251 (18%)
  3. Nashville, Tennessee — $273 (16%)
  4. Durham, North Carolina — $249 (17%)
  5. Austin, Texas — $257 (13%)
  6. San Antonio, Texas — $291 (10%)
  7. Charleston, South Carolina — $300 (8%)
  8. Sacramento, California — $323 (5%)
  9. Cleveland, Ohio — $269 (4%)
  10. Tampa, Florida — $243 (5%)

However, if you enjoy things like being able to walk a block without a water break and eating outside, you may want to look at dusting off your passport for a July trip. It’s winter in Australia, and airfares to Sydney and Melbourne top the list of international destinations with flights down 23 percent and 17 percent respectively. Temperate Toronto, fresh off its first NBA championship, has airfares down 7 percent to $324. And the pleasant wine country of Porto, Portugal will also be cheaper in July, with trips down 9 percent to $781. Here’s the rest of the international deals:

  1. Sydney, Australia — $894 (23%)
  2. Melbourne, Australia — $965 (17%)
  3. São Paulo, Brazil — $857 (12%)
  4. Panama City, Panama — $485 (18%)
  5. Porto, Portugal — $781 (9%)
  6. Manchester, UK — $737 (7%)
  7. Cali, Colombia — $592 (5%)
  8. Madrid, Spain — $681 (4%)
  9. Toronto, Canada — $324 (7%)
  10. Vilnius, Lithuania — $905 (3%)

Much like weather reports of any kind, none of this is guaranteed. And if you pack nothing but tank tops for your July getaway and get hit with a cold snap, don’t blame us. Or Skyscanner, though it is historically a lot more accurate than that guy who comes on before the sports report on the 11 o’clock news.

So don’t let the heat beat you down, America. Whether you want to lean into the warmer weather or get as far away as you can, July offers plenty of places for an ideal vacation. Just try to think of better things to talk about with the new people you meet than the weather.

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