Photo: City Guesser

The City Guesser Website Puts Your Traveler’s Knowledge to the Test

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by Eben Diskin Sep 30, 2020

Since we can’t travel as freely as we once could, we have to find more creative ways to satisfy or lust for exploration. Paul McBurney Jr., a teenage web developer, created the City Guesser website that drops users into a random location around the world and challenges them to guess where they are. Users watch video walking footage of the city they’re in to make their guess, utilizing the site’s footage of over 635 cities around the world.

According to MacBurney, “As the quarantine in the United States continued to worsen, I wanted to create something where people could travel the world, but be challenged at the same time. City Guesser is the perfect solution to that wish.”

The website allows you to narrow your destinations by country, currently including the US, Canada, Russia, England, France, Japan, Brazil, India, Australia, Argentina, Asia, and Europe. Or the truly expert guessers can simply choose to be dropped anywhere in the world.

When you’re ready to make your guess, you just click on the “start guessing” button, and you can place a pin wherever you want on the map. Then, the site tells you how accurate your guess was. Be warned, though, it’ll give you an itch to travel that might be more pesky than exciting right now.

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