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These Denver Airport Bathrooms Have Massive Windows Pilots and Passengers Can See Into

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by Olivia Harden Jul 8, 2022

If you decide to travel through Denver International Airport (DIA), be careful where you change. DIA recently installed some new windows in the bathrooms that give airport-goers a fantastic view of the planes as they taxi and take off, but the pilots and passengers on those planes also have a view of you.

Morgan, a First Officer and Boeing 737 pilot who uses the TikTok handle @almostcaptainmorgan, posted a video about how cool she thought the new windows in the bathrooms along Concourse C were, except for the fact that the construction crews should probably have made the windows with two-way glass.

@almostcaptainmorgan 100% thought this was the coolest thing ever until I got to the plane 😳 #denver #airport #airlinepilot #traveltiktok ♬ original sound – Morgan

Since the video was posted on June 27, the video has garnered 2.1 million views. Many others, especially women, were concerned about their privacy, since sometimes a layover might leave little time to change.


Brooke Daniels had noticed the design flaw on her last visit to the airport, and commented, “Girl yes! I was just standing there gazing at the planes leaving and one pilot waved I almost shit my pants.”

According to The Denver Post, The restrooms opened in May as part of the addition of 16 new gates. The Denver airport has been under construction since 2018, and recently, the airport approved the Great Hall Project, which will be completed over the next six years, according to KUSA 9 News. The latest project will involve building a new ticketing and check-in space, security checkpoint, and a full build-out of the Jeppesen Terminal.

Mindy Crane, a spokesperson for Denver International Airport, said the new bathrooms retain people’s privacy because people are only visible from the sinks when they wash their hands. The windows were installed to provide better lighting, noting that older bathrooms in the airport are darker, feel less open, and definitely don’t have the same incredible view.

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