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This Denver Hotel Will Let You Rent Out an Entire Floor for a 24-Guest Slumber Party

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by Eben Diskin Sep 22, 2020

A hotel room doesn’t typically accommodate 24 people comfortably, but this quirky Denver hotel manages to do it, while also somehow adhering to social distancing guidelines. The pop-culture-themed Curtis Hotel in Denver has 13 unique guest floors, each with a different aesthetic. From video games to Star Trek, disco, and more, this hotel has a theme for everyone, and now it’s adding a Choose Your Adventure package.

The package allows guests to rent out an entire floor and create a customized experience that allows them to enjoy the shared space together. The floor can accommodate 24 guests spread across the 12 guest rooms — so you don’t technically have to come within six feet of anyone — and guests can choose from a variety of adventure options. These include laser tag, game night, private chef’s table dinners, tailgating parties, silent discos, slumber parties, and — for the truly unlucky — a divorce-themed party.

The Choose Your Adventure package starts at $2,000, and will be available through the end of 2020. For further detail and to learn more about how to customize your experience, reach out via email.

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