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Israel Will Place People’s Digital Prayers in Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Israel News
by Eben Diskin Oct 16, 2020

While visiting the Western Wall is currently out of the question for those outside of Israel, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism is trying to make it as easy as possible for those who are far away to still leave their prayers and wishes on the Wall.

Eyal Carlin, the tourism ministry’s tourism commissioner for North America, told Travel and Leisure, “While Israel is still closed to international travel, we wanted to create a meaningful way that people can be inspired and connect with the spiritual sites that are abundant in our country. The Western Wall (or “Kotel,” in Hebrew) is an important piece of Jewish tradition, and it also attracts travelers from all faiths. We want to make it accessible for those who aren’t able to visit in person right now, so we created a portal for people to send their personal notes.”

To leave a message, prayer, or wish, just post it online between October 19 and October 21, and someone will place it in the wall for you. The ministry will post your note on the Visit Israel Facebook page once your eNOTE has been placed in the wall itself.

The Western Wall is one of Israel’s most famous and sacred sites, with many making pilgrimages to pray there.

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