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Dominos’ “Free Pizza for Life” Tattoo Challenge Was Way Too Easy, so They Ended It

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by Eben Diskin Sep 7, 2018

No one should ever underestimate people’s widespread obsession with pizza, especially one of the world’s largest pizza chains, but that’s exactly what Domino’s did with their latest promotion. The Russian arm of Domino’s recently launched a special incentive for customers, offering 100 free pizzas per year (for the next 100 years) to anyone who tattooed the famous Domino’s logo on a prominent body part. We’re not surprised by the result, but Domino’s certainly was.

Initially scheduled to last two months — beginning on August 31st — the promotion was ended after only five days, as hundreds of ambitious pizza fanatics went out and got the tattoo almost immediately. Social media was flooded with users uploading their creative interpretations of the iconic blue and white logo.


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The sheer volume of customers trying to take advantage of the promotion — and probably fear of going bankrupt from all the free pizza they’d have to provide — prompted Domino’s to update the contest, so that the free pizza would only be awarded to the first 350 participants. That definitely doesn’t bode well for the 351st person who got the tattoo. But hey, maybe they’ll at least get a nod of appreciation from the Domino’s worker across the counter, or if they’re lucky, a free side of Cinna Sticks.

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