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England Can Save Its Bars if Everyone Has 124 More Pints in 2021, Study Finds

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by Olivia Harden May 21, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that the hospitality industry is suffering in the US and the UK. Statista has indicated that the food and beverage industry in the UK will have a loss of 25.66 billion British pounds this year. Additionally, more than 2,500 pubs in the country have gone out of business during the pandemic. But a study by Company Debt went out to find how much each British adult would have to spend to cover that loss. By its calculations, that amounts to 124 pints of beer, or a half-pint per day.

“Pubs will need additional financial support for years if they are to recover from this,” Dave Mountford, a publican and campaigner at the Forum for British Pubs, said.

This beer-drinking challenge could be harder than you think considering UK pubs are still under COVID-19 restrictions. And of course, not everyone in the UK drinks beer, so if you’re a beer lover, you might need to pick up the extra slack. Queen Elizabeth is even doing her part by allowing beer to be made from plants grown on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

Additionally, VinePair calculated that the US suffered a loss of $240 billion along with 2.5 million jobs. To go the distance, 197 million adults of drinking age would have to drink 218 pints at an average of $5.60 per pint, a significantly larger task. A good place to start might be the oldest brewery in your state. Bottoms up!

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