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EU to Nix Seasonal Time Change in 2021

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by Eben Diskin Mar 28, 2019

Bowing to popular demand for more daylight hours, the European Parliament has voted to do away with the seasonal time change. The biannual custom of changing the clocks by one hour in spring and fall will cease in Europe in 2021. While this might initially sound like great news for those looking forward to longer days, it’s not quite that simple. Although the EU will no longer require the clocks to change, each of the 28 countries of the bloc will need to decide whether they will remain on “permanent summer” or “permanent winter” time.

To stay on permanent summertime, countries would need to adjust their clocks for the last time in March 2021, allowing for more daylight hours in the evening. For permanent wintertime, countries would change their clocks for the final time in October 2021. According to a European Commission survey on the proposal, which generated 4.6 million responses, 84 percent of respondents were in favor of ending the time change.

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