The skies above Stonehenge are as mysterious as the stones themselves. Unfortunately, this year, because of COVID-19, nobody will attend the beautiful spectacle of the fall equinox sunrise at the ancient site.

The pagans and druids who were given the authorization to enter the site for a small gathering of English heritage refused the invitation as they deemed it unfair to all those who wish to attend but cannot.

But that does not mean you can’t witness the magic of the fall equinox at the prehistoric monument. The virtual Stonehenge Skyscape project allows you to see the World Heritage site live and in exceptionally good quality thanks to strategically positioned webcams.

If you click the “ambient” version at the bottom right of your screen, all you see is the magnificent site, but the “Skyscape” version provides an overlay of the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and the solar alignments at the rock formation for the midwinter sunset and midsummer sunrise.

The daytime view of the site is accurate to within approximately five minutes, and the times provided correspond to the time at your location. You can also use the highlighted squares at the top to view back the last sunrise and sunset, any other previous time of the day.

So, on September 22, the first day of fall, when the day is as long as the night, keep an eye on the live feed and watch the sunrise above the prehistoric stone for an unforgettable start of the season.

The Stonehenge Skyscape might not be able to replace the real thing, but it can at least keep us connected to these mythical stones until we can be there in person.