Photo: Dutch Daffodils/Facebook

A Flower Farm in the Netherlands Spelled Out a Hopeful Message to Travelers With Its Tulips

by Eben Diskin Apr 22, 2020

We might not be able to visit tulip fields in the Netherlands this year, but one flower farm wants to let everyone know that it’s looking forward to hosting visitors next year. Dutch Daffodils, a family-owned farm in Noordwijkerhout, is one of many flower farms that are closed to the public for the season, but the owners are sending a hopeful message to visitors. Partnering with the Tulips in Holland travel company, the farmers at Dutch Daffodils removed the heads of some of their tulips and spelled out “See you next year” with their stems. They also carved out a large heart in a section of red tulips.

The photo was posted on the farm’s Facebook page as a message of hope to those who had to cancel their travel plans to the Netherlands this spring.

The 145-foot-long message took five hours and five people to create, but the efforts have been rewarded with comments of gratitude and kindness on Facebook.

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