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France and Canada May Soon Only Be a Short Ferry Ride Away

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by Marie-Louise Monnier May 2, 2018

No need for North Americans to get on a long and expensive flight to Europe to check out France. There’s a much more affordable and easy option that requires nothing but a short boat ride.

Although unknown by most in Canada and the US, the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon have been sitting in the North Atlantic between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia for 202 years.

The archipelago of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon is a small corner of France only 21 km away from Canada. It counts just over 6,000 inhabitants who carry French passports, speak French, eat French food and drink French wine, and follow the same rules as their compatriots who live 4.500 km away in Paris.

Saint Pierre et Miquelon Map

The archipelago is an oddity that is sure to please rare passport stamp collectors and those who like to check obscure destinations off their bucket lists and soon, it will be easier for them to make their way there.

The ferry that links the town of Fortune in Newfoundland, Canada to the harbor of St. Pierre runs regularly in the spring and summer (only on weekends in fall and winter) but only takes walk-in passengers. However, according to Global News, this may soon change as the French territory plans to operate two new ferries that can transport 15 cars, 200 passengers, and three tractor trailers across all year long.

Canadians and Americans traveling to beautiful Newfoundland might, therefore, be able to hop to “France” with their car in just 55 minutes.

The only thing getting in the way of this new service is the wharf in Saint Pierre that needs to be upgraded. Financial negotiations are in the works to find the remaining one million Canadian dollars that would help complete the project.

Those across the pond in Europe can also get to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon more easily. Starting this summer (From July 2nd to August 21st), you’ll be able to fly directly from Paris to this archipelago on a 5-hour-and-15-minute flight for only 1,025 EUR return. Flights are weekly and will only carry one hundred people — the runway in Saint Pierre is much too short for a full and heavy aircraft to land and take off. For more information about the flight check out ASL Airlines France.

H/T: Global News

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