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This Restaurant Will Give You a Free Meal in Exchange for Putting Down Your Cell Phone

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by Eben Diskin Nov 28, 2018

If you’ve ever been out to eat and wished your lunch buddy would put down their phone, you might want to start bringing them to Frankie & Benny’s. UK-based Frankie and Benny’s is running a voluntary “No Phone Zone” promotion where a box will be provided for adults to deposit their phones prior to the meal — if they so wish. Participating families will receive free children’s meals as an incentive.

The promotion was inspired by a study — commissioned Frankie and Benny’s — showing that children wish their parents would spend less time on their phones. Of the 1,500 families surveyed, 25% of parents admitted to checking their phones during family meals and 10% of children say they have attempted to hide a parent’s phone to encourage real conversation.

“We looked at various ways we could encourage people to engage more at the dinner table,” a spokesman for the restaurant chain told BBC News, “and we’ve found giving families the chance to part with their devices for a mere couple of hours is a great way to bring them closer and embrace family time.”

It remains to be seen whether or not patrons are willing to part with their beloved phones, but a successful run at Frankie and Benny’s could encourage other restaurants to try similar tactics. The promotion will run on a trial basis from November 29 to December 7 with the possibility of becoming permanent if successful.

H/T: BBC News

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