Photo: Utopia Arkitekter

These Geometric Tent-Like Cabins in Iceland Are Insane

Iceland Epic Stays
by Morgane Croissant Apr 3, 2018

Forget the tents, the sleeping bags, and the foamies. There’ll soon be a much cooler and more comfortable way to trek and stay overnight in the Icelandic wilderness: Skýli.

Skýli is a unique mountain cabin designed by Swedish architecture firm Utopia that is so stunning that it should make its way into your “cabin porn” Pinterest board right this minute. It’s made of four A-framed structures, each covered with a glass panel for guests to enjoy the view after a long day of hiking. The pointed triangles are reminiscent of the mountains where the cabin will be set up and of the basic ridge tent you will have left at home. The bright blue of the cabin’s steel roof is a nod to Reykjavik’s bright, colorful houses.

But Skýli is much more than just a pretty facade, it’s also meant to be super resistant to Iceland’s notorious harsh weather. The mountain cabin is designed to be transported easily to hard-to-access locations and assembled fast (two to three days).

Utopia also tried to make this cabin as environmentally-friendly as possible. The two rooms created between the outer and inner shells of the structure will be used to wring out and dry clothes and to house a composting toilet. Skýli has a solar panel and a hand-crank generator for energy supply, and rainwater will be collected from the roof and filtered to be used by guests for cooking and washing.

Once completed, this project cabin is meant to shelter a maximum of 15 people in its four areas, though there’s no word on when these cabins will be available to stay in (the photos are artist renderings). To learn more about this project, visit Utopia Arkitekter’s website.

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