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New Google Hotel Booking Tool Is One More Option for Deal-Seeking Travelers

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by Eben Diskin Mar 14, 2019

Airbnb, Expedia, Trivago, and other travel booking sites have a new competitor. Google has recently launched a hotel booking tool, making it easier than ever to search and book hotels within your Google interface. Once users visit Google’s hotel search and choose a hotel, they are given a list of the cheapest prices offered by various travel booking websites and can book directly on Google, creating a one-stop shop for any hotel booking needs.

Google Hotel

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Much like Google Flights, users can easily explore hotel options on a geographic map, as well as filter by budget and by which hotels are offering special deals. The “deals” filter highlights hotels where one of Google’s partners is offering particularly low rates.

The familiar Google Flights tool is also getting a small facelift, now including a “price insight” feature. This filter shows you whether the prices you’re looking at are high, normal, or low compared to what is usually available. This is designed to help you make a more informed booking decision and get the best rate.

While the emergence of a Google hotels tool doesn’t exactly translate as the end of or Expedia, it sure means more options for travelers. This arrives on the heels of many famous hotel booking sites being flagged earlier this year for misleading travelers looking for deals.

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