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7 Stunning Underwater Hotels You Can Actually Stay In

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by Rebecca Hughes Aug 6, 2018

If your holidays don’t feel complete without access to a pool, snorkeling, surfing, or napping on the beach to the sound of lapping waves, these seven underwater hotels may be the perfect accommodation for you. From ultra-luxurious suites with 360-degree lagoon views to a single room immersed in a Swedish lake, you’ll have your pick for an extraordinary stay that is bound to take your seaside vacations to a whole new level.

1. Poseidon and Neptune Suites, The Palm — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Waking up in one of these exclusive suites located underwater in The Palm’s Ambassador Lagoon, you’ll have sublime views of a model of the imaginary lost city of Atlantis, and the thousands of colorful fish that inhabit it. Your aquatic panorama is not limited to the bedroom, however, as the hotel also advertises that the suites’ bathrooms allow for floor-to-ceiling views of the lagoon. To seal this as the perfect romantic getaway, there is also 24-hour in-room dining and services from massages to spa facilities.

Cost per night — from $3,670

2. Underwater Room, The Manta Resort — Pemba Island, Tanzania

The Manta Resort’s amazing Underwater Room is a private floating island anchored to the ocean floor some 820 feet from the shore. The ‘room’ consists of three levels: the landing deck at sea level with a lounge and bathroom; the roof with a lounging area for sunbathing by day and stargazing by night; and the bedroom below with an almost 360-degree view of the surrounding ocean life. You’re served dinner and breakfast at pre-arranged times, but otherwise, you’re left alone to marvel at the mysteries of the infinite sky above and the endless blue depths below.

Cost per night — from $1,700

3. Lovers Deep Submarine, Oliver’s Travels — Caribbean

Lovers Deep Submarine gives you a chance to stay in the most romantic underwater vessel to date. Deep beneath the waves, you can make use of your rose petal-covered bed in complete isolation, with crew members and staff at the end of the submarine in soundproof living quarters. A chef will prepare delicacies from an aphrodisiac-themed menu for you, and your personal butler can serve you a champagne breakfast in bed.

Cost per night — price on application

4. Ocean Suite, Resorts World — Sentosa, Singapore

Resorts World has 11 exclusive suites fashioned like two-story townhouses. The upper floor is a living area with an outdoor patio and a jacuzzi, while the lower level treats guests to the view of an underwater world with over 40,000 types of marine fish living in the world’s largest aquarium. The room’s lights automatically dim when you open the viewing panel for a cinematic underwater experience. Your five-star stay includes a personal butler and transport to the nearby S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Cost per night — from $3,015

5. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel — Key West, Florida

This hugely ambitious project is set to create a hotel comprised of 12 ‘aqua pods’ around 24-30 feet below sea level. Not only will guests be able to gaze upon marine life, but the hotel will have the possibility of navigating the waters using electromechanical propulsion. The patent has been approved, and the suggested location is Puerto Rico. The hotel claims to be completely unique as it will be ‘affordable,’ as well as being used to help fund and implement worldwide coral reef restoration and aquaculture solutions and technologies. Additionally, the hotel will be powered by green fuel generated from trash collections of the surrounding ocean. Registration and the possibility to win a free stay is now open.

Cost per night — TBD

6. Utter Inn — Västerås, Sweden

On the other end of the spectrum entirely is Swedish artist Mikael Genberg’s floating red hut, located in the middle of Lake Mälaren. Beneath the hut there is a single underwater room that lies three meters below the surface and contains twin beds and a table. Windows offer panoramic views of the lake’s underwater life. Guests are also left with an inflatable canoe they can use to row to a nearby uninhabited island. It may not have room service, but a stay in this hotel/art project may just be more memorable than any five-star resort.

Cost per night — from $136

7. Poseidon Undersea Resorts — Katafanga Island, Fiji

This vast underwater resort includes an underwater restaurant, marine-focused spa treatments, shops, and even an underwater wedding chapel. Access is by submarine only, which you can learn to drive should you wish to explore the ocean’s depths Bond-style. The surrounding lagoon provides pristine waters in which to scuba dive. Registration is open to put your name down to be some of the first to experience a complete underwater vacation or wedding.

Cost per night — TBD

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