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4 New Google Updates Just Made It so Easier to Plan Your Summer Travel

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by Olivia Harden May 3, 2022

When getting ready to plan your vacation, there are plenty of apps and websites that promise to find the cheapest flights and hotel deals. Google updated a slew of features to make finding the best deals easy, whether you want to travel to a destination on the other side of the world or look for a quick weekend getaway.

New ways to plan travel using Google

  • Track flight prices for any dates: Now Google flight users will be able to do more than get price drop notifications for specific dates. Users can sign up to get notified of low prices for any dates showing significant price drops.
  • Browse destinations within driving distance: Users can use Google’s Explore Tool’s new pink button “Explore nearby” to find destinations to drive to, along with hotel prices in that area and the expected weather conditions.
  • Find the best place to stay: When booking a hotel, users can use Google not only to find a place to stay but to find the best neighborhoods to stay in based on options to shop, dine, and nearby attractions.
  • Keep organized while you plan: To keep up with all the important details of your dream vacation, users can bookmark hotels and vacation rentals to easily pick up where you’ve left off.

Google’s new option for tracking flights for any date is an expansion of the options users already had. Let’s say you’re looking for a vacation to a specific destination, but you want to do it during a particular time of year. Google Flights users can use the flexible dates option to find the best time to ask for days off in June for a three-night stay.

If you’re interested in finding the most sustainable ways to travel, Google has other tools to help you feel good about making the right decision for the planet. When searching for hotels on Google, users can see whether a hotel meets high sustainability standards by looking out for the sustainability badge. And when you’re deciding on how you’ll travel to your destination, you can use Google Maps to find the most eco-friendly route for your trip.

With all of Google’s travel tools, planning a fabulous vacation will be less stressful and less costly, putting you in the perfect mindset while you count down the days to your getaway.

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