Finding flight deals can be a hassle when thinking and comparing all the platforms that offer discounted fares. You probably didn’t think to check Google Flights. Besides that, there are always the questions about what day is the best day to book the best flight deal. Should you book on incognito mode? Can you get a good deal for last-minute fares? And everything else in between? All of these questions, you’re more than likely asking via Google–so use it!

Thankfully, former flight attendant and TikTok user has a simple solution using a Google Flights hack.

With nearly 2.5 million views, the video is a fan favorite and takes you step-by-step through booking the cheapest airfare using a Google Flights hack and helps for finding last-minute budget travel flight deals as well.

  1. Put the city in which you plan to depart from, no destination or date input.
  2. Hit “search”, click on the calendar, then hit the “flexible dates” option.
  3. Locate the month you’d like to travel and the map will immediately show you the cheapest round trip flights to different cities from your original departing city.
  4. Click on the price to select the destinations you’d like to travel based on the dates available. Google flights travel hack! #googleflights #savemoney #travelhacks #flights #vacationtime #dealsfordays ♬ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse

With this option of using the Google Flights hack, you can look at round trip flight fares both nationwide and internationally without having to keep searching for different weeks or days and going through a tedious process. This is a hassle-free hack that’s so easy, it takes less than five minutes to do and since you are already using Google to search the best flight hacks, this lessens any additional steps.

So, why wait for some random Tuesday at 1 AM in incognito mode, when you can do it right now?