In case you were worried that the fervor surrounding the Harry Potter series was dying down, 12 years after the publication of the final book, rest easy — the Potter mania is still going strong. The proof is in the butterbeer served up at the Harry Potter-inspired cafe located in New York City’s East Village.

Steamy Hallows will make you feel like you’ve stepped off Platform 9 and ¾ and right into Diagon Alley. According to Steamy Hallows’ Instagram, the cafe is a “witchy goth coffee shop [that] serves up delicious coffee and tea portions and homemade cookies in an immersive environment.”

Inspired by both Harry Potter and Halloween, the cafe features floating candles — reminiscent of Hogwarts’ Great Hall — broomsticks, a smoking cauldron, Harry Potter mirrors, and menu items like Love Potion 9 ¾, Basic Witch, El Diablo, and of course, Butterbeer (which can be made even better with coffee for those who can’t fight their caffeine addiction). Some of the drinks at Steamy Hallows are even topped with edible glitter, to add a particularly magical touch.

Steamy Hallows is located at 514 ¾ East Sixth Street, though despite its dark, gotch aesthetic, it’s only open until 7:00 PM.

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