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A High-Speed Train Will Soon Bring Passengers From Dallas to Houston in 90 Minutes

Texas Train Travel News
by Eben Diskin Mar 11, 2020

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the commutes. Getting from Dallas to Houston, for example, currently takes around four hours, and if you’re someone who regularly makes the drive, you’ve probably had enough. Luckily, there might soon be a speedier alternative than driving. Texas Central is in the beginning stages of creating a high-speed train between Houston and Dallas that would bring passengers from one city to the other in 90 minutes.

According to Texas Central’s website, train cars would feature “substantive, wide-bodied seats, arranged ‘two-by-two’ and separated by an aisle, ensuring sufficient leg, head, and elbow room with no ‘middle-seat squeeze.’” The cars will also be equipped with food and beverage options, power outlets, and Wi-Fi. Quiet cars and work-friendly cabins will reportedly be made available to accommodate a variety of customer needs.

Trains would depart every 30 minutes during peak travel hours, and reservations will be bookable online or via a mobile app.

The 240-mile-long rail line could be operational as soon as 2026, pending approval from the federal railroad administration.

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