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To Get Revenge on Her Neighbor, This Woman Covered Her House in Giant Emojis

California News Art + Architecture
by Eben Diskin Aug 7, 2019

It might sound ludicrous that someone would want to paint giant emojis on a pink background on their own house, but for this woman in Manhattan Beach, California, it was an act of revenge. After her neighbors reported her for illegally renting out her house as an Airbnb, she got the last laugh by painting her house in a ridiculous and pointed way.

As reported by Easy Reader News, Kathryn Kidd, the home’s owner, was fined $4,000 for violating rental laws. She then hired artist Z the Art to transform the side of her house into a pink sea of emojis. Although she claims the paint job was meant to brighten up people’s days and denies that it has anything to do with the feud with her neighbors, we have our doubts. Both emojis have eyelash extensions, which are believed to be a representation of neighbor Susan Wieland’s own lash extensions, and one of them has zipped lips, clearly directed at her neighbor’s denunciation.

Of course, Wieland doesn’t quite see it the same way. “I feel like I’ve been directly attacked with my eyelash extensions,” she said. “It’s definitely directed. I had them done here in Manhattan Beach, and they did them way too big. Now it’s painted on the house. It’s mocking me. It’s heartbreaking…I mean, it’s literally staring right at me.”

Neighbors are currently brainstorming ways to get the decor removed, but that effort is still ongoing. No matter which side you’re on, you have to admit that the emojis certainly accomplished their goal of ruffling some feathers.

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