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This Humpback Whale’s Epic Leap Caught Whale Watchers by Surprise

Alaska Wildlife News
by Eben Diskin Aug 24, 2018

Everyone who goes on a whale watch considers themselves lucky to catch a glimpse of a whale, however brief or distant. Visions of whales breaching next to the boat, or many whales swimming alongside each other, water spouting from their blowholes, fill the imagination of eager whale watch tour passengers, but rarely do such sights become realities. That’s why this particular whale watch tour group was so fortunate.

Recently, the TAZ Whale Watching tour near Gustavus, Alaska was treated to a rare spectacle that’s sure to be the object of envy of many. While the group was looking at a whale swimming in the distance, they got distracted and didn’t see what was coming straight toward their vessel — until a humpback whale suddenly leapt from the water and into the air.

It sent quite a splash over the tiny whale watching boat, but the passengers probably didn’t mind. Getting a little damp is a small price to pay for witnessing this feat of aquatic athleticism. Check out the video of the spectacular close encounter below.

H/T: Insider

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