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Icelandair Is Launching a Volcano-Themed Photo Contest for Free Flights to Iceland

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by Eben Diskin Mar 25, 2021

Last Friday, a volcano located on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula erupted after being dormant for 6,000 years. Although the eruption is small and poses little danger to nearby residents, the phenomenon was dramatic nonetheless, inspiring many to capture it in pictures and drone footage. Now Icelandair is capitalizing on the event with a contest inviting people to submit their most creative “the floor is lava” photo or video for a chance to win a free return trip to Iceland.

In a Facebook post, the airline said, “We’re doing a giveaway in honor of Iceland’s impressive and hottest new natural wonder. Post your best ‘The floor is lava’ picture/video in the comments of this post for your chance to win a trip to Iceland! You know the game: imagine that the floor is made of molten hot lava and you must avoid touching the ground. We’ll pick 3 winners for 2 return flights to Iceland from any of our European or North American destinations. Comment until Tuesday, March 30, 4pm GMT and you might be able to explore Iceland’s nature yourself soon!”

The eruption itself might become the latest tourist attraction on an island that already has an abundance of them. Some, like Agust Gunnar Gylfason, the project manager at the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management in Iceland, suggests the volcano may continue erupting for years for the delight of travelers. He told Reuters, “It could end tomorrow or it could still be going in a few decades.”

You can see the ongoing eruption in real-time online, but it won’t beat seeing the volcano erupting in all its glory, so get creative and you might just win this Icelandair contest.

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