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July Will Have Its Second New Moon on the 31st, Making It the Best Month of the Year for Stargazing

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by Eben Diskin Jul 26, 2019

Having two new moons occur in a single month only occurs every 32 months — and that’s exactly what’s happening on July 31.

Since there are 29.5 days between new moons, it sometimes happens that they both fall during the same month. In this case, the second of July’s new moons will be at the very end of the month on July 31.

A new moon is when the moon passes between planet Earth and the sun and is not visible from Earth. The moon appears dark to us Earthians because the side that’s lit by the sun at that time faces away from us.

Even if you missed the darkness of first new moon, you can still catch the one on July 31 to stargaze or even go night hiking away from light pollution.

But that’s not the only day that’s ideal to look up at the heavens. According to NASA, there will be a “super moon” on August 2 (when the moon will be closest to Earth for this orbit and therefore appears larger to us) and perseid meteor in the early morning of August 13.

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