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Lake Tahoe Will Close to Tourists This Holiday Season

California News
by Eben Diskin Dec 11, 2020

Some of the US’ most popular and fun destinations have fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic, being forced to close for extended periods in the interest of health and safety. Lake Tahoe is the latest casualty. California’s side of Lake Tahoe will remain closed for at least three weeks this winter as California tries to contain a COVID-19 outbreak in the Greater Sacramento region.

The 13 countries in Greater Sacramento and several other California regions entered lockdown as of December 11. Residents are being asked to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus. As part of this new order, hotels and lodging in Lake Tahoe will close to visitors and only operate as housing for essential workers of COVD-19 containment. Those with campground reservations for the coming weeks will be issued a refund.

The Nevada side of Lake Tahoe will remain open and operate as usual.

Chris Fiore, the communications manager for South Lake Tahoe, said, “Unfortunately, yet again, Tahoe is closed. If we can get things under control in the next three weeks, we can reopen just in time for New Year’s.”

It’s not all bad news, however. Tahoe’s ski resorts will stay open — but only for those who live in the area. The lockdown order exempts outdoor recreation, so while renting a hotel room in Tahoe is off-limits to visitors, taking advantage of the area’s breathtaking nature is still very much a possibility.

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