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Watch: Lifeguard Puts Surfers in Their Place After Ignored Order to Not Surf Hawaii’s Pipeline

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by Matador Creators Mar 2, 2022

It’s best to listen to the local lifeguards when it comes to surfing some of the biggest, most challenging spots in the world. Ignoring them could put your life at risk — and those very same lifeguards will have to make the rescue. At best, ignoring the lifeguards will lead to a good old fashioned public shaming. Two novices learned the latter the hard way recently at Ehukai beach Park in Hawaii.

The Oahu surf spot near Haleiwa is famous for its pipeline. It’s a prime, but difficult, surf spot on the best days. On days with the worst conditions it’s downright dangerous.

When two surfers who were clearly not prepared recently tried to take on the waves, they were stopped by a lifeguard who told them not to go out. Then they ignored that advice, and were lucky to have another lifeguard around to set them straight.

“Where are you at, do you even know where you’re going?” the lifeguard asked the surfers. After they tried to reason with why they were going out there, the lifeguard added, “You guys aren’t ready for pipeline. Get out of here.”

The surfers try and cover up with some apologies and excuses, but get chewed out for not following the rules. The lifeguards are there for a reason and they’re the ones out there keeping people alive and safe.

On Reddit, commenters widely agreed with the response the lifeguard had to the two surfers ignoring what they were told to do. As one commenter put it: “Hawaii has tourists skittering around every corner of the state and most of them couldn’t find their own ass with a map. These aren’t your gulf coast beaches with rollers lapping at your ankles. Most beaches have the potential to smoke you at the right time of year. You wouldn’t believe the stupid decisions people make when they don’t understand the ocean.”

Long story short: When a lifeguard tells you not to go out, you don’t question it.

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