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These Canvas Pants Are My New Indispensable Piece of Travel Clothing

by Nickolaus Hines Oct 12, 2021

There are people who are nostalgic for the days when people dressed up to fly. I am not one of those people. I do, however, know the importance of clothes that are ready for whatever comes after a long plane, train, or car ride — whether that be a hike, casual work meeting, or a drink at a local favorite bar.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for clothes comfy enough to spend a long flight in, yet sharp enough that I don’t have to rush to the hotel to change before heading out. Bonus points if said clothes have enough pockets to carry my various documents without screaming “CARGO PANTS.” It’s a careful balance, and one that LIVSN, a clothing brand started in 2018, masters with the EcoFlex Canvas pants.

Among the first thoughts when giving the EcoFlex Canvas pants a test run: they’re tailored like something I’d wear to the bar, with the range of motion of something I’d wear on a hike. The fabric is a quick-drying blend of cotton, recycled polyester, and spandex that has stretch without an unnatural feel. A gusseted crotch makes the pants incredibly mobile, and it’s sewed in a way that avoids the work-pants look that’s often associated with the cut.

outdoor use livsn pants

Photo: Livsn

Of course, these wouldn’t be ready-for-anything pants without the utilitarian features that make outdoor activities easier. Two of the most useful outdoor-focused additions — a subtle EDC pocket on either leg and a button to roll the pant legs up — are there when you need them and hardly noticeable when you don’t. The zippered back pockets make it easy to keep a passport locked up tight or your wallet from falling out on a climb.

All of this makes for a pair of pants that, in a short month of wear, have been out and about to more than few breweries, on boulder-filled hikes, and have served as durable work pants while building out a new patio.

climbing in livsn ecoflex pants

Photo: Livsn

LIVSN gets its name from one of those hard to translate Scandinavian terms: livsnjutare, which means something along the lines of “one who loves life deeply.” The company has a sustainability-first ethos, and uses fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and organic natural materials. The best form of sustainability is getting the most life out of your clothes as possible, though, and LIVSN makes that easy with a repair and replacement program featuring at-cost repairs by the company and a steep discount on things that can’t be fixed.

It feels good to wear clothes that buck the fast fashion trends that destroy the environment and make life hard on the people who make what we wear. All the better when the same clothes are comfortable and a fit for whatever life throws at you.

LIVSN EcoFlex Canvas Pants: $119

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