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The Longest Nonstop Flight Ever to Depart From the UK Takes Off This Week

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by Tim Wenger Mar 23, 2018

The latest incarnation of the “Kangaroo Route” is much more than a hop, skip, and a jump. On Sunday, March 25, the longest flight ever to depart from the UK will take off from Heathrow International Airport en route to Perth, Western Australia — a journey of over 9,000 miles. Scheduled to take 16 hours and 45 minutes, Qantas passengers have enough time for both a good night’s sleep and a full workday. It also overlaps an entire day, leaving London at 1:15 PM and arriving in Perth at 1 PM on Tuesday.

The plane itself is among the most modern and cozy of commercial airliners. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner features 42 ‘suites’ in Business Class, along with 28 in premium economy and finally 166 normal economy seats. Passengers will enjoy upgraded service from what they’re typically accustomed to, including those flying in economy. Matador recently ranked Qantas among the top airlines for economy passengers.

Passengers will enjoy three meals — a late lunch, a dinner as the plane passes over the Arabian Sea, and a breakfast about two hours before arrival. To some, three consecutive meals of airline food may sound more light a nightmare, but the airline promises high-quality food (well, for a plane), and healthy ingredients that “promote hydration” such as “green leafy vegetables, cucumber, strawberries and celery,” Qantas told The Independent. Passengers can complement their dining experience with wine, kombucha, or a number of other beverage options.

Despite the extensive flight time, this direct flight saves a good amount of time when compared to the other options available for getting from London to the land Down Under. Fewer variables mean less chance of a major delay or mishap. A one-stop connection adds at least three hours when accounting for takeoff and landing time, refueling, taxiing, deplaning, and reboarding — not to mention the additional time added by a layover.

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