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Mammoth Mountain Will Be Open Until August After Record Snowfall

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by Eben Diskin May 29, 2019

You don’t typically think of August as being “ski season,” but this year it just might be. Thanks to a record 29 inches of snowfall this month, California’s Mammoth Mountain has just announced that it will remain open daily until August. This is the snowiest May ever recorded at Mammoth, and while those waiting for summer might be tapping their feet impatiently for the warm temperatures, skiers are reveling in three extra months of winter.

The 29 inches of snow this month make a total of 715 inches at the summit this season, with the most recent storm hammering the mountain with nine to 10 inches. Indeed, California isn’t often associated with record snowfall, but Mammoth’s summit received one of the highest snow totals in the country for this winter. The ski season has only lasted until August twice before at Mammoth — in 2017 and 1995 — so while it’s certainly a rarity, skiers are hoping that it becomes a trend.

And the month isn’t over yet. With a few days left in May, surprise snowfall could add to the already staggering total, and make the record even more impressive. Who knows, another few inches and we might even be skiing into Halloween.

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