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This Map Shows How Many European Countries Can Fit Into the Continental US

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by Tim Wenger Apr 30, 2018

It’s easy to forget how large the United States is for one country, especially when you compare it to a continent like Europe that’s made up of so many smaller countries. According to a neat overlay map posted to Reddit by user martinswfan, you can fit 30 European countries into the continental US. How’s that for efficient European travel?

The most perfect example is Denmark, which fits so comfortably into the lower peninsula of Michigan that it almost seems the two were meant to be together. Italy stretches across just a small portion of the midwest, while Switzerland takes up less space than its mountainous counterpart in Colorado.

europe compared to us size

Photo: Reddit

Not shy to discuss their situations, many Europeans took the comments to express everything from humourous quirks to condemnation of their placement on the map. Comments about the size and proportions of distances between places in the United States as compared to Europe were common. “Poland and Lithuania are united again?” stated Redditor AbouBenAdhem.

Many users noted the similar (or vastly different) proximities their country and their neighbors in actuality versus this recreation. “Crazy to think driving from the capital of Texas to El Paso is like driving from the capital of England to Scotland,” noted Redditor Tropical_Centipede.

Not every European country received a seat at the table, however, and a debate ensued as to whether countries such as Russia and Turkey should be placed into the map anyway, as they are situated partially in both Europe and Asia. “Not even including Montenegro, Cyprus, Andorra, Monaco, Kosovo, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, San Marino, Vatican, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Netherlands and Turkey,” said Redditor Deevas.

Redditor jchill was quick to offer a solution to the problem, noting that “If you exclude Russia I’m willing to bet that the rest of Europe could fit into Alaska and the remaining open space in the contiguous US.” He later added that these countries would, indeed, fit into Alaska without even needing the open space in the lower 48.

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