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This Gigantic Resort Shaped Like the Moon Is the Next Best Thing to Space Travel

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by Morgane Croissant Oct 22, 2021

If, like most people on this planet, you can’t fork out $250,000 to take a 90-minute rocket ship to space, the next best thing is to stay at this mind-boggling resort shaped like the Moon.

A project by Michael R. Henderson and Sandra G. Matthews, the MOON resort will be located inside the world’s largest sphere (650 feet in diameter and 735 feet in height). But it’s not all about the looks. Yes, the plan is for the resort to be shaped like the Moon and resemble it from the outside, but inside it’s also all about giving visitors an out-of-this-world experience without having to actually travel to space.

rendering of interior of resort shaped like a Moon

Renderings of the artium and the wellness center. Photo: Moon World resorts

rendering of interior of resort shaped like a Moon

Renderings of one of the hotel suites and the nightclub. Photo: Moon World resorts

The 6.4 million square feet of resort will include just about everything you can think of, including:

  • 4,000 five-star hotel suites with no windows
  • An alien spaceship-themed nightclub
  • A wellness center
  • Ballrooms
  • An event center that can host up to 5,000 people
  • A convention center
  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques
  • An aquatic center
Resort shaped like the Moon rendering of the lunar surface attraction

Rendering of the lunar surface attraction. Photo: Moon World resorts

But the icing on the cake for this superlative, multi-billion dollar resort project is the lunar colony. A replica of the Moon’s surface will be available for guests to walk on so they can experience what it’s like being on the Moon — kinda.

Of course, there’ll a shuttle system that will spiral around the hotel to get you to the lunar surface (located on the top floor), because just taking an elevator to the Moon just won’t pass muster.

The plan is to have four Moon resorts across the world, with talks of one possibly being built in Las Vegas and another one in Dubai. Because where else can a gigantic luxury resort shaped like the Moon not look incongruous?

Las Vegas rendering of resort shaped like the Moon

Photo: Marca Studio/Vimeo

There’s currently no date for the construction, let alone the opening, of one of these MOON resorts, but you can take your passion for the Moon elsewhere. For example, go check out this amazing replica of the Moon, a touring artwork installation by UK-based artist Luke Jerram. Or just sit by the fire with a copy of TinTin’s Destination Moon. We guarantee you’ll be transported.

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