Photo: Museum of Illusions

This Mind-Bending New Pop-Up in NYC Is the Best Way to Test Your Brain

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by Aryana Azari Oct 30, 2018

Whether it’s curated for dogs or about pizza, New York City is no stranger to interesting pop-up exhibitions, and last month, a new addition to the bunch opened up. The Museum of Illusions aims to bamboozle the senses and show visitors that there’s more to what they see than meets the eye.

Several different installations are available to explore, ranging from entire rooms to holograms. The anti-gravity and rotating rooms will make you feel like you’re defying the laws of physics, the head on a platter display will make it seem as if your head’s been cut off and ready to serve for dinner, and the true mirror allows you to see yourself as others see you. There’s even an infinity room that gives off some major Yayoi Kusama vibes. If you’re worried about not being able to understand what you’re seeing, there are signs next to each illusion that explain the trick, as well as markers that tell you where to stand to take good photos.

The Museum of Illusions is open every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and you can buy your tickets here.

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