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NASA Will Show the Cosmic Wonders the Hubble Space Telescope Captured on Your Birthday

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by Eben Diskin Apr 2, 2020

If your birthday tends to be an uneventful affair year after year on Earth, comfort yourself in the fact that way up in space, the stars, galaxies, and planets of our solar system are likely celebrating you in their own way. And to see what they were up to on your special day, all you need to do is check out what the Hubble Space Telescope captured that day.

The Hubble Space Telescope has been in space for 30 years, and produced some of the most incredible images we have of outer space. NASA had planned several celebrations for its big milestone, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, all physical events have been canceled and moved online. One of these celebrations is a birthday-themed project, where you can visit a website, enter your date of birth, and see an image taken by the telescope on your birthday.

Since the telescope has been watching the sky every night for 30 years, there’s a good chance it saw something spectacular on at least some birthdays. Unfortunately, since you aren’t able to search by year, which birthday the site selects will be a toss-up.

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