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The Nemo Double Haul Convertible Duffel and Tote Hauls It All

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by Jessica Lynn Hughes Mar 7, 2024

As a frequent traveler, I am always looking for a durable travel piece that can take on many forms and be flexible with whatever life throws my way. A good carry-all tote or duffel usually provides that for me with packing ease as a catch-all for short weekend getaways, camping outings, or week-long road trips. The flexibility of a tote or duffel vs. a rigid suitcase is an appealing feature for travelers who need a piece of luggage that rolls with the punches, just like they do. The Double Haul Convertible Duffel + Tote from Nemo, available at REI for $219.95, takes these features one step further and combines the best of both worlds.

Kicking off Nemo’s newest product category, Packs and Travel, the Double Haul Convertible Duffel + Tote is a bag that converts on the fly for whatever situation may present itself. This dual-purpose and durable bag captures it all with its ability to be used as a duffel, backpack, or tote – made to fit any traveler’s need. Whether packing for a quick trip or a long vacation, choose the Double Haul Convertible Duffel + Tote to corral it all.

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Converting from duffel to tote

Photo: Jessica Hughes
Photo: Jessica Hughes

During most of my travels, I usually come home with more than I started with. So, being able to add space with the unbuckling of a few straps is everything I want in a bag. For whatever your travel needs require, a bad shopping habit, or when you simply need to haul stuff, this convertible bag transforms instantly from a duffel to a tote, doubling the bag’s carrying capacity. It holds practically everything, except the kitchen sink.

From duffel to tote, simply unclip the side buckles, pull out the tucked-away tote handles that easily cross-cross and snap together for a comfortable tote strap. When you want to use it as a duffel or backpack, simply clip the side buckles back, tuck the tote handles inside, grab onto the self-contained, unobtrusive backpack straps, and you’re ready to go.

How I used the Double Haul Convertible Duffel + Tote 100L

Photo: Jessica Hughes
Photo: Jessica Hughes
Photo: Jessica Hughes

I tested the bag’s packing capabilities and quick convertibility for a recent ski weekend trip. Beginning with the bag completely open in tote form, its somewhat structured features kept it upright and made it easy to pack your items. I was easily able to load my ski clothes, three pairs of pants, three bulky sweaters, toiletries, two pairs of shoes, and a few other winter accessories with plenty of room to spare in the 100L size.

Because I prefer backpack mode, I buckled both sides and easily converted the tote into a backpack in a matter of seconds. The padded shoulder straps were comfortable and easy to handle as I swung the bag on my back. Walking around, I noticed the bag itself didn’t feel cumbersome. The best part was I knew I had plenty of room to haul back whatever trinket I decided to bring back home.

When the bag is not in use, it packs back inside its carrying case for easy storage. So, despite its size, particularly the 100L, it is easily stored and doesn’t take up a ton of space like a piece of hard-side luggage or backpack would.

The bag’s storage pouch also doubles as a packing cube to store smaller items such as underwear, socks, and hats. What I found to be unique and a nice feature was the ability to clip the pouch to one of the inside walls of the bag. Again, this provides easy access to all your things as the bag sits upright with its spacious opening.

The Nemo Double Haul Convertible Duffel + Tote vs. other convertible duffels and totes

For me, the best feature of this bag is the stiffened trusses on either side that keep the bag upright and wide open during the packing process or whenever you are searching for that one item you know you packed. Most duffels and totes I have used slouch at the opening making it sometimes hard to see what’s inside or a little more burdensome to pack.

Plus, you rarely see such a size conversion with convertible duffels and totes. Some don’t add any space and merely change the way you carry the bag, while others only add a little bit of space on the sides or at the top.

Nemo Double Haul Convertible Duffel and Tote specs

woman wearing Nemo double hall duffel

Photo: Jessica Hughes

Let’s talk details. The Double Haul Convertible Duffel + Tote bag comes in four different sizes. So, whether you are a weekend warrior or a long-haul wanderer, there is a size that fits your lifestyle.

Capacity: Available in 30, 55, 70, and 100-liter sizes

Materials: Bag material is made from a Urethane-coated, bluesign® approved 420D recycled nylon shell, making this bag durable, water-repellent, and easy to wipe down.


  • 2 large loop handle zippers for easy closing and opening.
  • Top opening with stiffened trusses to reach and see everything inside.
  • 2 Padded backpack straps hug either side of the bag for use as a duffel or backpack
  • 2 tote straps that tuck away on either side with an easy-access snap pocket to secure the straps.
  • For storage, there are three zippered compartments, one exterior pocket, and two interior clips that attach to the storage pouch, which can be used as an additional packing cube.

Minimum weight:

  • 30L: 2 lb ,5 oz / 1.04 kg
  • 55L: 3 lb ,1 oz / 1.4 kg
  • 70L: 3 lb ,13 oz / 1.72 kg
  • 100L: 4 lb ,7 oz / 2.0 kg

Color Options: A variety of color options are avilable including Black, Lake (blue), Nova, and Chai (only in 30L and 55L sizes).

Warranty: Backed by the Nemo lifetime warranty, this bag is meant to last the long haul. Designed with easy repair in mind, your bag is meant to last almost as long as you.

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