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Netflix Is Having an Open Casting Call for Season 2 of Its Hit Show ‘Dogs’

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by Tim Wenger Jun 12, 2019

The relationship between humans and dogs is a deep one. It’s often mutually dependent, frequently impacts the human’s social life, and sometimes makes buying a new vacuum an annual occurrence. No matter how each individual relationship pans out, one constant is always present when an owner and a dog have that unbreakable bond — each is firmly convinced that the other is the most amazing, perfect, cute, funny, and downright incredible being that ever lived.

Netflix wants you to know that your dog is, in fact, incredible. So much so that it’s offering the opportunity to turn your best friend into a television phenomenon on the forthcoming season of its show Dogs. “We are so excited that our pack is back for Season 2 of Dogs,” executive producers Glen Zipper and Amy Berg said in a joint statement quoted by CNN. “From the beginning we have said that the joy shown in Dogs helps bring people together and that same feeling will translate more than ever in season 2. Dogs offers us the ability to explore some of the most important human stories through relationships with our best friends and it’s been amazing to see how much these episodes have touched audiences and critics across the globe. Most importantly, our fans have become part of our extended family and we are honored to bring them a fresh set of stories that will allow us to connect with them yet again.”

The air date for season two has yet to be announced, but casting is underway as of right now. If your dog is as well-behaved as they are good looking, hop onto social media and start tagging @NetflixDogs on Instagram and Twitter ASAP, before somebody else beats you to the bone. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, watch the trailer for Dogs below.


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