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Niagara Falls Just Got a Whole Lot of Snow and the Photos Are Mesmerizing

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by Tim Wenger Jan 23, 2019

There’s at least one good thing coming out of the winter storms and frigid weather that have been pounding the Midwest and the Northeast over the past couple of weeks: Niagara Falls looks like a winter wonderland.


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Although the falls are beautiful no matter the season (especially when you can zipline above them), winter is very special time to go check them out. After the latest batch of fresh powder, frosted snow encircled the water’s edge and icicles hung from above the viewing platform below the falls, creating a scene that looked as though it were straight out of Frozen — without Elsa singing at the top of her lungs.


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So, whether you’re on the Canadian or American side of the falls, if you’re close by, you should bundle up and go check them out — you won’t regret braving out the cold.

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