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Zipline 2,200 Feet Across Niagara Falls This Summer

Niagara Falls Outdoor
by Eben Diskin Jun 8, 2018

While less ambitious travelers can get a good view of Niagara Falls from both the US and Canadian sides of the border, the best vantage point is doubtless from above. That’s why Wild Play Element Parks has installed four zip-lines across Niagara Falls. At 220 feet high, traveling 40 miles per hour across 2,200 feet, you’ll be hard pressed for a better view, or a more thrilling experience.

The ride starts at Niagara Parks Grand View Marketplace and ends at the Ontario Power Company building right at the base of Horseshoe Falls. And if you’ve never ziplined before, don’t worry; an expert will be guiding you the whole way.

Zip-line flights will be available this summer until October at $50 per person. Make sure you’re prepared to savor every moment, as the ride only takes 30 seconds!

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