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Winter Storm Harper May Ruin Your Travel Plans This Weekend

by Eben Diskin Jan 18, 2019

The Northeast has escaped the winter weather for this long, but the region is long overdue for a storm. Winter Storm Harper is barrelling toward New England this weekend, and it’s projected to bring snow and ice from Friday to Monday. The storm has been progressing through the central states toward the Northeast, and it’s expected to hit the Plains, New England, Pennsylvania, and New York particularly hard.

The Northeast will see most of the snowfall on late Saturday, with heavy snow also expected in some areas of the Plains and the Midwest. In parts of New York State and New England, snow totals are expected to exceed two feet. New York City will see the most brutal conditions on Sunday. Residents of the Northeast should also prepare for exceptionally windy conditions, which may create dangerous snow drifts in addition to sleet and freezing rain along the coast.

If you have travel plans lined up this weekend, make sure you’re tracking the storm so you can stay safe. If possible, avoid traveling on Saturday night and Sunday. If you have a flight to catch this weekend, expect cancellations and delays, and exercise caution getting to the airport. Widespread flight cancellations have already begun, with over 300 flights already cancelled on Friday and another 1,990 delayed. Southwest Airlines alone has already canceled 120 Friday flights and 50 for Saturday. Some airlines, including Spirit, Jetblue, and Alaska, are making these inconveniences more manageable by waiving change fees.

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