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The Northernmost Hotel in the World Is Opening in the North Pole in 2020

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by Eben Diskin Sep 16, 2019

Travelers who want to get away from the crowds, aren’t afraid of frostbite, and have a very solid budget have their next destination all laid out for them. The North Pole Igloos hotel will open in April 2020 for a limited time, featuring 10 heated glass domes located right in the heart of the North Pole, making it the northernmost hotel in the world. Only reachable via helicopter or boat at certain times of the year, the North Pole is one of the least accessible places in the world.

To reach the hotel, guests will begin on the Svalbard archipelago, spending two nights in this remote part of Norway before taking a helicopter ride to a North Pole ice camp. From there, they will be transported to the glacier where the hotel is located. For an extra charge, guests can also stay for two nights at the travel company’s five-star Octola hotel, to receive a North Pole training experience.

Although the experience is advertised as sustainable (all equipment brought to the North Pole will be brought back down), and is supposedly meant to raise travelers’ awareness of the state of the Arctic, a chopper trip to one of the most inaccessible spots in the world to sleep in heated glass domes sounds more like an exclusive trip for the super rich. Indeed, the cost of the full hotel package, which includes round-trip travel to the North Pole, a two-night stay in Svalbard en route, one night at the North Pole Igloos hotel, and all meals and guided experiences, is an eye-watering $105,000.

The hotel will only be open for the month of April 2020.

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