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Norway's Trains Can Take You Through Scandinavia and Across the Arctic Circle

Norway Train Travel
by Morgane Croissant Jan 29, 2024

Traveling by train in Europe is as easy as pie. You can go across France in half a day, you can get from London to Amsterdam in just four hours, or even travel between Austria and Hungary for less than $10. Even in Scandinavia, the rail network is extensive, providing rail transport to and from large cities, small towns, neighboring countries, and even in the far reaches of the Arctic.

Can you get around Norway by train?

Traveling around Norway by train is very easy. The Norwegian rail network is extensive and covers large swathes of the country, from Kristiansand in the south to Bodø in the north. There are even trains that travel from the Norwegian town of Narvik, located within the Arctic Circle, to the Arctic town of Kiruna in Sweden.

There are several rail carriers operating in Norway:

  • Vy (previously NSB): The national Norwegian railway company, it operates all train traffic in Eastern Norway, as well as the Bergen Line, the Voss Line, and the Flåm Line, believed to be the most scenic railway in Norway.
  • SJ NORD: The Swedish national railway company (SJ) which operates trains in Norway under the name NORD. SJ NORD operates between Oslo and Trondheim, between Trondheim and Bodø (AKA the Nordland Railroad), and between Dombås and Åndalsnes (AKA the Rauma Railroad).
  • Go Ahead Nordic: Operates in Western Norway, between Oslo and Stavanger and Kristiansand.
  • Flytoget Airport Express: Operates between Oslo and its surrounding area and Oslo International Airport.

Is there a train from Oslo to Stockholm?

There are multiple direct trains per day running between Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden, some operated by Vy (previously NSB), the national Norwegian railway company, other operated by SJ, the Swedish national railway company. The direct journey between the two cities takes between 5.25 hours to 5.75 hours. You can book your train trip between Oslo and Stockholm either via Vy or SJ’s websites.

There are also buses running between the two cities. Bus trips are also bookable via Vy’s website.

Is it worth taking the train from Oslo to Stockholm?

The train journey between Oslo and Stockholm isn’t the most scenic ride you can take in either Norway or Sweden; nevertheless, you will get to see lovely landscapes along the way, including lakes (especially Lake Vänern, the largest lake in the European Union), forests, farmlands, as well as traditional Scandinavian wooden houses scattered about. While the ride exceeds five hours, it is a pleasant one that’s worth taking if you have the time.

Is there a train from Copenhagen to Oslo?

There is no direct train between Oslo, Norway, and Copenhagen, Denmark; however, you can take the train between the two cities via Sweden if you’re comfortable making at least one connection during your trip. The journey between the two cities usually takes between eight and 8.5 hours. This trip is bookable via SJ’s website. (Some trips between Copenhagen and Oslo can also involve one bus journey in combination with one train journey — be careful upon booking.)

There are also direct ferries between Oslo and Copenhagen with DFDS Seaways. Ferry journeys between the two cities take between 17.5 and 19 hours and are very affordable. You cab book your ferry trip between the two cities on DFDS’s website or on Direct Ferries.

Is the train ride from Oslo to Bergen worth it?

The train ride from Oslo to Bergen, AKA the Bergen Line or the Bergen Railway, is considered to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. On this journey, the train crosses the Hardangervidda plateau, Europe’s largest high mountain plateau, and stops at Finse, Europe’s highest train station, making for amazing mountain scenery. Wildlife is abundant along the train’s route, including herds of reindeer. The train takes between 6.5 and 7.5 hours to cover the 299 miles between the two cities.

Which train side has the best view from Oslo to Bergen?

Opinions differ on which side of the train is best to enjoy the spectacular views between Oslo and Bergen. Don’t overthink which seat is best, just make sure you’re sitting by the window so you can take it all in.

How much is the train ride from Oslo to Bergen?

The price of the train ride from Oslo to Bergen varies enormously depending on your date and time of travel, starting at $26 (269 NOK) if you book early and choose the cheapest and least flexible option. Several seating options and sleeping accommodations for sleeper trains are available; however, the better the comfort and privacy wanted on board the train, the higher the price of the ticket. Note that night trains tend to be the cheapest, and often the longest.

What is the most scenic train in Norway?

The Flåm Railway is said to the most scenic train journey in Norway, and one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. The Flåm Railway runs between Myrdal and Flåm, a very steep 12.4-mile journey during which the train goes through 20 tunnels. Despite all the tunnels, passengers on the Flåm Railway get to enjoy the magnificence of Norway’s mountain landscapes, as well as rivers and waterfalls, from their comfortable seats.

You can reach the Myrdal train station by riding the Bergen Line, i.e. the train from Oslo to Bergen.

Book your ticket for the Flåm Railway on Vy.

To ride all the most scenic trains in Norway, you can book Up Norway’s 12-day Arctic Circle Express Train which runs between May and September. Up Norway’s 12-day Arctic Circle Express Train journey includes rides on the Bergen Railway, the Flåm Railway, the Rauma Railway (AKA the Golden Train), and the Arctic Train (AKA the Ofoten Line), among others.

How long is the Flåm Railway trip?

The round-trip between between Myrdal and Flåm takes around two hours.

Is Flåm Railway a round-trip? Where does the Flåm Railway start and finish?

You can book a one-way ticket, or a round-trip ticket to ride the Flåm Railway which runs between Myrdal and Flåm.

Are trains in Norway expensive?

Train travel in Norway can be expensive, but if you book your train journey early, and opt for the least expensive options, you should be able to score decently priced tickets. That said, according to a January 2023 report by euronews, Norway is the “second most expensive country for one-way rail tickets” behind the UK.

Are there trains in the Arctic Circle?

You can ride a train in Arctic Norway by booking a seat on the Arctic Train, AKA the Ofoten Line, which runs from the town of Narvik, Norway, located within the Arctic Circle, to Bjørnefjell, the last stop before the border between Norway and Sweden. Passengers who wish to go further can take the train from Narvik all the way to Kiruna in Sweden, also located within the Arctic Circle.

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