New Real-Time Luggage Tracker Provides Even More Peace of Mind Than Apple AirTags

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by Eben Diskin Jan 4, 2024

If you’re like me, you don’t want to know what happens to your bag once it passes behind those rubber flaps into the abyss – as long as it comes out the other end. It’s like seeing how burgers are made at McDonald’s. Sure, it’s interesting to get an inside look at a process that affects you on a regular basis, but it can also completely put you off fast food burgers forever. That’s how I feel about luggage tracking. The more I know about the intricacies of baggage transport, all the different people handling my bag, and the many stages where something could possibly go wrong, the more anxious I’d be about giving up my bag at all.

That said, judging by the popularity of luggage trackers, many people want to be as in-the-know as possible about what’s happening to their bags behind the scenes, as evidenced by the popularity of using Apple AirTags for travel as well as tracking products like Tile. If that’s you, you’ll be thrilled to learn about the new products being rolled out by Package, Inc., a company specializing in security for travel, shipping, and transportation. LuggageCam, its new suite of luggage security products, looks like it might change how travelers approach luggage security, and give even the most skeptical travelers (like me) some peace of mind.

The company is “combining real-time luggage tracking, networking, security and insurance with LuggageCam, an industry-defining wireless tracking and audio-video security system that securely locks onto a luggage handle, turning any travel bag into a smart bag,” Bryan Davis, CEO of Package, Inc., tells Matador.

This is welcome news, especially considering the rise in mishandled bags. According to a report by SITA, an air transport communications company, the baggage mishandling rate rose 74.7 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year. The amount of bags delayed at transfer also increased to 42 percent. While this may largely be due to the post-Covid travel demand, and the delay in airport staffing catching up to traveler numbers, it’s enough of a reason to seriously consider investing in baggage tracking.

Made for travelers

One of the flagship products, SmartClip, is a smart luggage tracking and audio-video security system, which locks onto any luggage handle with surround view cameras for real-time video streaming, motion, and tamper monitoring mobile alerts. Similarly, the SmartLock is a luggage zipper lock that combines a combination lock, TSA key, biometric lock, and fingerprint reader, giving users mobile alerts whenever an authorized airline or security agent unlocks, opens or tampers with the luggage. SmartTag is another product designed to make sure your bags end up in the right place. This luggage tag displays real-time flight itineraries, with information on gate changes, flight status updates, and baggage handling instructions, for an extra layer of security.

The company is also rolling out special services and benefits geared toward travelers. LuggageInsure, for example, is a luggage insurance service that offers pre-flight, round-trip coverage plans for your bags, including end-to-end security monitoring. InvestCard is another product frequent travelers should pay attention to. This exclusive credit card gives members access to special products, services, and cash back rewards in Package, Inc.’s portfolio of products and companies.

As well as for airlines and airports

This new product rollout isn’t just designed to help out travelers looking for extra peace of mind. It’s also meant to help airlines, providing a financial incentive for airlines and airports to promote the product’s use. The LuggageCam partner leasing program allows passengers to lease LuggageCam products directly from their airline on a per-trip basis, both making it easier for airlines to prevent mishandled luggage, and create a sense of loyalty between passengers and their airline.

“By embracing the power of connectivity and end-to-end security,” Davis said in a press release, “we are paving the way for a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our lifestyles, making every aspect of our lives smarter, simpler, safer and more secure.”

It remains to be seen whether products like these ultimately revolutionize travel, but it’s undeniable that real-time tracking will change the security landscape for the better.

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