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New Plane Technology Will Monitor How Long You Spend in the Bathroom

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by Eben Diskin Sep 16, 2019

If you thought your elementary school days of having your bathroom time monitored were over, think again. Airbus will soon be introducing a new method of data collection, which tracks how long passengers are staying in the lavatory. And it’s not intended to make you nervous, or urge you to hurry up — it’s actually designed for your convenience.

The technology includes cameras outside bathrooms, so flight attendants can manage the lines by redirecting passengers, but it will also allow them to check on those who have been in the bathroom for a while and may be needing help. It will also provide airlines with data on which bathroom is used the most.

But the system does not stop in the potty. Airbus’ Connected Experience will keep track of just about every aspect of a flight. A system of light will inform passengers of the amount of space available in overhead bins; green or red lights will let flight attendants know if a passenger’s seatbelt is fastened or undone; and tracking devices will alert the crew if soap and toilet paper are running low in the bathrooms. The “Connected Galley” will allow passengers to preorder their food and beverage, give the crew a better idea of inventory, and provide the airline with information on travelers’ preferences.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Connected Experience will be available on the A321 aircraft in 2021.

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