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This Service Gives Travelers Access to Coworking Spaces Around the World

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by Tim Wenger Aug 16, 2019

For remote workers, coworking spaces have long offered a respite from moments of panic when you need quick access to a printer, a quiet area for a conference call, or even just somewhere to work from when successive days secluded inside the home start to peck away at sanity. But, with varying and often high costs for single-day passes, they’ve never been the most reliable option for traveling. Enter Proximity Nomad, a new membership program from coworking software company Proximity Space. The program gives travelers access to an increasing collective of coworking spaces around North America and, increasingly, overseas.

Proximity Nomad gives travelers the ability to find coworking spaces where they are going that they already have access to with a flat monthly rate. For a cross-country national parks road trip, for example, you could start in Yosemite and then work in Mammoth Lakes, then head to Flagstaff, Arizona, and work while picking up supplies for the Grand Canyon. Or stop in Peoria, Illinois, or Chicago en route to Indiana Dunes National Park. “What makes this appealing is that many of our spaces are in rural communities and smaller cities, not just big cities,” said Leah Carlson, Senior Marketing Manager at Proximity Space. “Our network goes beyond metropolitan areas, allowing for more robust work and travel options.”

Nomad also offers international coworking access for travelers, with member locations currently in 191 cities. The bulk of these are in the United States, though you can also hop over the border into Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Germany. The network is expanding on a near-monthly basis, with the current focus on North America. Through a monthly membership, you have credits that can be used as day passes across the entire network. Basic membership starts at $69 per month for those needing just limited working days and runs up to $449 for near-unlimited access. “Coworking spaces are strategically designed to maximize productivity,” Carlson said. “Conference rooms, fast WiFi, phone booths, and creative decor are all a part of the package. The free coffee is just a perk.” Check out Nomad’s map of members to see if there is a space located where you’re headed.

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