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Escape Amsterdam for the Perfect Psychedelic Truffles Trip in the Dutch Countryside

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by Olivia Persson Jan 20, 2022

Tourists from around the world travel to the Netherlands to explore the country’s charming canals, gaze upon the blossoming tulip fields, and perhaps experiment with mind-altering hallucinogens.

While thousands of curious psychonauts understandably embark on their first visionary experience on the winding streets of Amsterdam, the beautiful windmills, flowers, quaint towns, and dune landscapes found in the countryside should not be overlooked. After all, a psychedelic experience in the Netherlands’ vast fields and endless beaches can open up one’s mind in a way that cities cannot. This guide will give you a rundown on how to prepare and what to expect from a psychedelic experience in the Dutch countryside.

Preparing for the trip

Magic mushrooms versus magic truffles

Just like how cannabis is technically illegal, mushrooms are also illegal in the Netherlands. However, a technicality in the drug law allows for legal consumption and sale of truffles in smart shops, and they’re the go-to psychedelic in the Netherlands is truffles.

Truffles are the sclerotia of psilocybin mushrooms. In simple terms, the truffle is the subterranean part of the mushroom. Both mushrooms and truffles contain the psychedelic compound psilocybin and provide the same visionary experience.

Buying magic truffles

Dozens of smart shops can be found in Amsterdam if you prefer to pick them up in the city (make sure not to confuse them with coffeeshops, which sell cannabis). Cities like Rotterdam, The Hague, and elsewhere also have smart shops throughout.

Magic truffles come packaged in small boxes with fantasy names like Atlantis, Utopia, Pandora, and so on. A creative description alludes to the type of experience the truffle provides. The enchanting names and vivid descriptions are marketing tactics and trade names, not botanical terms. In reality, there is little difference between the truffle varieties except for the intensity and duration. Regardless, the descriptions can create a positive expectation bias. If the description promises a gleeful trip filled with laughter and elation, you’re more likely to experience it. If you have questions, the shopkeepers will be more than happy to help.

Set and setting

doing magic mushrooms on dutch beach

Photo: Olivia Persson

The mantra for psychedelic trip preparation is set and setting. Intentional set and setting can be the difference between a visionary experience or an uncomfortable few hours.

Set is short for mindset and refers to how you’re feeling. Make sure you’re in a good mindset before embarking on a psychedelic experience. Psychonauts recommend setting an intention for the trip. Exploring an unfamiliar state of consciousness and connecting to nature is an intention. Laughing, chilling out, and just having a good time with your friends is also a valid intention. Setting intentions can serve as an anchor if the psychedelic experience takes a confusing turn.

Setting is the physical and social space the trip occurs in. A comfortable physical space is crucial. Tripping outdoors in nature is vastly different to tripping indoors, and each has its merits. If you are tripping outdoors, a comfortable shelter nearby is recommended. It’s also advisable to carry water and light snacks in a backpack. Luckily, in the Dutch countryside, you are never too far from civilization.

Finding nature in the Netherlands

As the most densely populated country in the European Union, pristine nature is not always easy to come by in the Netherlands. However, Dutch urban planning and conservation ensures that green oases and biodiverse landscapes are always nearby.

The Wadden Islands in the north are home to the most pristine natural landscapes. Vast barren dunes of Schiermonnikoog and Texel are reminiscent of an alien landscape. The spellbinding islands are easily navigable, sparsely inhabited, and accessible — the perfect setting to let your mind wander.

The Wadden Islands are not your only options. Plenty of urban nature reserves are scattered across the Netherlands. Truffles can transform even the most humble parks into majestic wonders.

In Amsterdam, a walk in Rembrandtpark and Amsterdamse Bos will take you back in time. Simply lay in the grass, watch the clouds pass, and listen to the sound of leaves fluttering in the wind. It is truly something else.

If you are fond of the ocean and dunes, you must visit Scheveningen Strand, a seemingly endless beach on the outskirts of The Hague. Listening to the sounds of the roaring waves and feeling the powerful winds of the North Sea while tripping is enough to humble you. Alongside the beach is Meijendel, an underrated coastal dune nature preserve.

What to expect on a truffle trip

doing magic mushrooms in dutch forest

Photo: Olivia Persson

There are several ways to consume the truffles. You can either eat them raw, brew them in a tea, or use the lemon tek method. The experience usually lasts around four to six hours. Expect the trip to unfold itself in waves, giving you a chance to ground yourself before the next wave hits.

It is recommended to consume truffles on an empty stomach for the full effects. If you’re consuming the truffles raw, keep in mind that the taste is unappetizing, to say the least. Dark chocolate is often used to mask the taste.

The psychedelic effects appear after about 30 minutes to one hour. If the effects do not appear, do not consume more than you think you can handle. Be patient, and it will unfold. You may also feel nausea during the come-up, which is normal and will pass.

Truffles can significantly alter your senses. As a friend once shared, “I remember seeing the world like this when I was a child.” Heightened perception, a feeling of love and interconnectedness, gratitude, joy, and laughter are common. Dunes may sing, geometric patterns may overlay the waves, and towering trees may breathe. Embarking on the psychedelic experience in nature is like stepping into a groovy fairy tale.

Walk around, laugh with your friends, explore, adventure, and tap into that childlike curiosity. It’s a powerful experience, and it is also an experience that one should not take too seriously. The experience can help you resolve issues if you let it, and it can help you connect with yourself, your loved ones, and the natural environment. If the experience is hard, one should not fight it. A change of environment, a beautiful playlist, or the support of a friend is enough to reorient the trip positively.

Safety and serenity are in abundance in the Dutch countryside. You can have an amazing experience in the alluring and strange landscapes. Let the Dutch landscapes open up your mind and heart. You never know what you’ll find.

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